The Premonition

I was at the courthouse finishing up some research. I went out in the lobby and got this déjà vu feeling. I sat down and waited a minute but didn’t get a vision. I spend a fair amount of time at the courthouse so I brushed off the sensation and headed to the parking lot. This tall lanky guy passes by and I get a strong sense that something is wrong. If I approach too gung-ho he’ll think I’m a whack job and call security. I was ready to blow off the feeling when I see him looking at me. My car is in his direction and as I’m walking over to it in my head I hear, He’s a bailiff. Then this guy walks over to me. I get the universal hint and realize I can’t dodge him.

“Ma’am I don’t want to be rude or impose but do I know you?” he asks.
“No, sir. We haven’t met,” I say. He smiled and walked on and I blurt out, “I think you may be in danger. Make sure you take precautions. I have the feeling that someone from your past will be coming forward and this person is dangerous.”

He started to say something but just stood there staring. To break the uncomfortable silence I said, “I’m a psychic detective. That’s just what I feel. Please be careful.” Then I hopped in my car and took off before he called the cops.

This morning I turned on the news and one of the lead stories was about a convicted criminal who had tried to attack a man at his home. The victim’s name wasn’t given but when the reporter stated a court appointed official I knew it had to be him. The perp didn’t get away it with the attack, maybe the warning helped.

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