The Morning After

I drank way too much. I’m not sure what time I got home. That doesn’t make me a bad person. I took a cab and I’m glad I did because parking was scarce. The bar was packed with lesbians heading for a basketball game. Loren and I went to a few games the year before she died. Her schedule at the restaurant didn’t allow much time for socializing but when we could go she went because I wanted to. God, I miss her. Wearing the wedding ring helps me feel close to her still. For the most part no one bothered me. The only annoyance was this chick with wild peacock colored hair, with one side of her head shaven. Somehow it wasn’t a bad look for her; she’s just not my type. I only have one type and that’s Loren, she’s gone and I want to be left alone. I’m sitting on a bar stool talking to Darcy and I could feel the wild haired chick’s eyes on me. It was really uncomfortable. I admit I was a little flattered but it was mostly creepy. Darcy thought it was hilarious until I gave the girl her number.

I need to go to the office later today. Warren said he had some ideas on how to drum up some business in-between cases. My gut tells me he’ll want to sift through some probate records. What a glamorous life I have.

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