The Gift

My doctor knows I’m a detective but we haven’t discussed the psychic part of my life. I don’t talk about that with anyone except for Warren. I often get psychic visions but not as often when the pills and booze are flowing freely. I’ve been a bit irritable with the reduction of medication. I called the doctor and she agreed to up the dose a little. She wasn’t going to do anything at first but when I had a fit she changed her mind. After I hung up the phone and calmed down I realized I had overreacted. I don’t know what’s worse being hooked on prescription meds and knowing you have no control or battling the withdrawal.

I’m glad I had the dosage increased because the next day I received a call from Loren’s mom letting me know that the family was in town visiting relatives for the holidays and wanted to stop by. I haven’t seen any of Loren’s relatives since her funeral. They live in Colorado Springs and don’t come to Indiana often. I was apprehensive. Loren’s parents and younger sister arrived on time. There was some awkwardness at first. I served coffee and some cookies I picked up from the bakery. After the nicety’s Loren’s mom asked if they could have a one of Loren’s photo albums. I couldn’t deny them that. I don’t go in the bedroom Loren’s things are in so I went upstairs and opened the door and retreated back to the kitchen. I was a little embarrassed because the room was such a mess with totes and boxes scattered about but I think they understood. While I was waiting downstairs I remember wishing I’d picked up some Kahlua for my coffee.

They came down a short time later with a couple of photo albums. I asked if there was anything else they wanted, and her mom said, “No”. She started to cry but thankfully pulled herself together otherwise it would have been a sob fest. She pulled out a jewelry piece from her purse and handed it over to me. I’ll never forget the look on her face when she said, “We thought you should have this.” It was a gold chained ID bracelet, with Loren’s name on. “She had this in junior high and wore it in high school.” It took me completely off-guard, especially since her family barely acknowledged our marriage. I don’t know exactly what I said and I’m sure I surprised her with a heartfelt hug. I’m wearing the bracelet now. Every time I see it I smile. It’s one of the best gifts I ever received.

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