The Emergency Room

Yesterday my assistant’s wife called to tell me he was in pain. Warren isn’t one to complain so I hurried over to his place and found him grimacing on the couch. He was surprised to see me. I told him Genji was concerned and asked me to come over. He explained he couldn’t get into to his doctor’s office until Monday and had some lingering chest pain.

We took him to prompt care. The physician couldn’t find anything wrong and suggested a trip to the ER. When we arrived at the ER the place was filled with the old, young and disillusioned. I couldn’t help wondering what was wrong with a health care system when ill people are required to wait in agony hoping sometime soon their name would be called.

I began “tuning” in to people and for the first time in a long time couldn’t block everyone’s feelings. Two young women sitting against the wall had an unrelenting need to constantly monitor their cell phones. They looked hung over and tired. I sensed they we’re battling the flu and it occurred to me I’d brought Warren to a germ fest. Another man in his mid-thirties kept fidgeting. When our eyes met I felt so much sadness I had to look away. It was as if I heard him thinking the anxiety and pain was overwhelming.

A thin elderly gentleman, with flattened unruly hair, crinkled unmatched clothes and an aroma suited for solitude spoke out to the man sitting across from him. The next thing I know they were praying together. Nervousness was mounting in the room and I felt every bit of it. To pass time I’m ashamed to admit I fantasized about different ways to get hold of the prescription meds. The smash and dash method seemed most applicable since the drug dispensary was password protected. As hard as I’m working to stay sober I miss being numb to the world.

When the admitting line hadn’t moved in two hours Warren went to the front desk. He came back and said, “Come on we’re leaving. This place could kill a person.”

On Monday his doctor prescribed weight loss and a bland diet for a few days. I’m not sure what’s going on with me. I can usually block energies easily. Worrying about Warren could have made me more susceptible and a vulnerable energy magnet. I told Darcy about it and she picked up a stone at the New Age store. She told me to carry it in my pocket for a few days to thwart off negative energy. I took it out to show Warren and the rock fell out of my hand and shattered on the floor. Apparently I need to work on cleansing my energy or at least gain some control over it.

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