The Darkness

I have been physically, spiritually, mentally sick and scared. Everywhere I go energy is turbulent and nervous, almost like a roller coaster ready to take an infinite plunge.   When I got home from the office my house felt foreign.  I shook off the weirdness, grounded myself and went to the fridge for a much needed beer.  Before I could pop open the tab I heard a snapping sound coming from the living room.  I thought it was the furnace and didn’t think much about it until the persistence of the annoyance got my full attention.

I walked into the room and that’s when I saw it. A dark shadowy mass grew by the front window.  The blinds were closed and the room was getting dark, but it was there.  I couldn’t run from it or repel it either. I couldn’t wish it away or deny what I was seeing.   I steadied myself and called upon any and everything good to help.  My intuition calmed and I ran straight into the darkness.

Chaos and fear strangled my core, and a G-force of energy had such power I realized at that moment I may not survive.  In my mind’s eye I witnessed ineptitude of empty words and broken promises.  There was a lashing of degradation in the name of righteousness.   I felt the wrath of a psychotic explosion that had long severed ties with civility and empathy.   I heard the cries and waded in sorrow that came from those that had been victimized by something they couldn’t explain and didn’t see coming.  I wanted to turn away but couldn’t.   An illuminating flash burned my eyes as my knees hit the floor.  I saw in myself prejudice and indifference I didn’t know I had.  The darkness tightened its grip. I refused to yield.  An inner rage came from the depths of my being that I didn’t know existed.  I felt the darkness delight and consume my energy within it.  And for reasons I can’t explain, I laughed.  I saw it’s reflection on myself and knew I’d been deceived.

“You’re so empty and shallow,” I said with steadiness and ease.  “You are nothing to me.  You’ve shown your deluded sense of self no longer exists. Have you forgotten?  You have my pity and nothing more.”

When I opened my eyes the house was still and I was alone.  I felt invigorated, ready to continue the fight with a heightened awareness
that I would no longer be complacent or live in fear of forces that don’t define who I am.  I believe that when light shines on darkness
the darkness does not comprehend.


Author’s Note:  Thanks to Jennifer Gilles and Mike Casali for their
support and friendship.   Let’s put our light out to the world.

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