Kept me on the edge of my seat…


Blind Redemption, by Denise Dearth, co-conceived by Amy Gillen, is a thrilling take on the private investigator novel. It is the first, in hopefully a long line of Jackie Vaughn P.I. books.

Jackie Vaughn is a private investigator who has been through some recent trauma and has fallen on hard times. Not only is her business failing, she is suffering from PTSD after losing her partner. As a result, she is self-medicating by popping pills and drinking alcohol, a combination that is more likely to contribute to the dysfunction in her life than solve any of her problems.

Relying on intuition and psychic visions, Jackie isn’t your typical private investigator. But as her abilities are put to the test in her latest case, will she be able to work past her substance abuse issues, or will they finally catch up with her?

Charles Freder, a prestigious University Chancellor, hires Jackie to look for his wife, Annette, who went missing during their trip to China. Little does Jackie know that she is being set up; Charles is an abusive husband and he knows what happened to Annette, and it’s up to Jackie to figure out his true intentions before it’s too late.

Kiersten Jane for QUEERcentric Books

 Excellent paranormal detective story 

I am a sucker for a good detective story, and a touch of paranormal is just what it needs to make it even better. Blind Redemption mixes all that in a story that keeps you on edge, wondering if Jackie Vaughn will be able to catch the bad guys using her detective skills and psychic abilities. Who’s done it is not part of the mystery, at least not for the reader. It’s pretty obvious from the start. The circumstances, the reach of the bad guys, and whether Jackie will save the abductee, that will keep your mind going on and on as you read.
Jackie is a very real and colorful character. She self-medicates with booze and pills to be able to deal with her loss. Her poor choices in dealing with grief are the reason why she’s sorely misjudged and underestimated by her employer, none other than the bad guy. Those who decide to hire her think she’s nothing more than a lunatic who believes she’s tapping into the supernatural world, too drunk and high to really do any damage.
Jackie is quick to disappoint them by managing to get out of impossibly threatening situation and find her way through the maze of clues the bad guys have left behind. It takes more than a fuzzy mind to dull her investigative instincts or her psychic touch. Will that be enough for her to succeed though? You’ll have to read the book to find out!

Alina Popescu, author


Wow, I’m still in shock.

Having finished Blind Redemption almost an hour ago, I’m still struggling to find words to describe the experience.

The adventure that Denise and Amy took us through is very realistic. The characters are well fleshed out, starting from the PI to the Greek assassin who exists only to throw wrenches in her path, and the subplots add both drama and humour in places where situations grow from bad to worse for our protagonists.

All in all, a must read for any suspense/mystery lovers out there who are looking for a great read.

I, for one am eagerly awaiting the next book from these two.

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